Surge Nile Inflatable Kayak Drop Stitch Floor Double 3.6

$1,599.00 inc. GST

This 2 person (+ ½ ) inflatable kayak features an inflatable drop stitch floor insert to add stiffness to the kayak as well as comfort to the paddlers.

Designed to easily carry two adults it has room for a third smaller person to comfortably fit in as well

Super easy to pump up it is suitable for most water. It excels in gently flowing rivers up to more serious rapids. Comes with Paddles, Pumps and all the gear.

  • Drop-Stitch Floor – super rigid floor makes for a closer to a hard-shell kayak feel & PVC inflatable side walls to bounce off anything.
  • Heavy Duty PVC construction – tough, durable construction can withstand most things you will throw at it from rough water river adventures to constant inflation and deflation
  • Super compact & portable – fits quickly and easily in your vehicles boot, boat or caravan, just as quick to get on the water
  • The most stable of kayaks – sit back, relax and enjoy your paddling without worrying about tipping over.
  • All-Round & Versatile – Perfect for couples, families, this all-round inflatable kayak is a great do it all especially for smaller rivers with gently flowing water up to more serious rapids and white water
  • Contains all you need to go for a paddle – except the water 
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