Railblaza CWS Bag Orange- Carry Wash & Storage Bag 02-4068-81

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Railblaza C.W.S. Bag (Carry. Wash. Store.)

The Railblaza C.W.S. Bag (Carry. Wash. Store.) is the new answer to your needs. This mesh bag is designed to not only keep your gear tidy and easy to carry, but has the advantage of being able to wash the gear while still in the bag, and then hang it out to dry.

Keeping your RAILBLAZA gear together and Losing small parts on a boat, kayak or even in the shed has its challenges. Washing it down one piece at a time takes ages.
Got a removable sounder, how do you keep those cables safe and tidy?
Big enough to hold your sounder, transducer and all the cables, or maybe 2 rod holders, a mobi and light pole. You’ll always know where your things are, and can be certain the small bits aren’t lost in the bottom of the locker or boot of the car.

Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks

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