BUCKETS AND HOSES. River catchments simplified.

For the general population the rain marks the end of the joyous season of beaches, barbecues and beers and the start of the long winter hibernation. For kayakers, it’s precisely the opposite. Rain means water. Water means rivers. Rivers mean paddling…. you get it. Now, it can be tempting to get buzzed on the first […]

The 10 best kayaking spots in Western Australia

Hit the water and go kayaking or canoeing at these stunning locations. 1. Frankland River, Nornalup The Frankland and Deep Rivers offer some spectacular paddling adventures in WA’s southern forest region. You can paddle up the river to Monastery Landing through the Walpole Nornalup National Park for some truly breathtaking views. 2. Shark Bay The […]

Skegs v’s Rudders

Skegs vs. Rudders Among the components influencing a kayak’s performance are skegs and rudders. Both serve the purpose of aiding in steering and tracking, yet they differ significantly in design and functionality. Skegs: Skegs drop down or are fixed fins located near the stern of a kayak. Typically made of plastic or composite materials, skegs […]

Kayak Hull Shapes

Kayak hull shapes and lengths offer distinct benefits based on specific preferences and intended uses. Hull shapes: Kayak lengths: Choosing the right hull shape and length depends on personal preferences, skill level, intended activities, and the type of water conditions one expects to encounter. In addition to hull shapes and lengths, another important consideration when […]

Lea Extreme Race – tasmania

Lea Extreme Race 2022 – Tasmania Preparations are underway for the 2022 Lea Extreme Race.  It’s on the 17th September 2022 The grade 4 waters of the Lea River are tucked away in the hills near the old mining town of Moina.  It’s a pretty river surrounded by typical Tasmanian rainforest and wet eucalypt forest.  The water […]

Rescue Tips & Equipment

Paddling out in the wild is one of the most exciting adventures, but let’s make sure your trip ends with a positive note. Rescue Equipment is an important consideration. Prioritise safety at all times and practice your rescue skills. Also make sure you have handy a towing system, essential for rescue and safety tool-kits. You […]