Who are we when we’re at home then? What makes us different and why should you trust us?

At the risk of sounding too cheesy or self congratulatory, Paddlesports Megastore strives for honesty. The staff here are paddlers, they use the gear, they own the gear, and they have opinions. Lots of opinions. ‘.

When a customer comes into the store the primary goal is not necessarily selling them the shiniest product for the priciest tag. The goal here is to understand what the customer is actually looking for and give them all the information they need to make a well informed decision. Information, experience & opinion not sale hungry tactics.

Our current challenge is trying to bring this in-store experience to the website. We are working towards customizing the site to tell you the things you need to know before making a purchase.

Maybe what you are looking for is cheap and cheerful? You’re not out on the water to win races but to have fun with your kids. You want something easy, robust and practical. That’s okay by us and we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you are serious about paddling? You want the best money can buy from a reputable high-end brand that’s been in the business for years. We’re jealous and very happy for you and we can help.

Maybe you don’t quite know what you want? we can help – let us guide you through the heady world of all things paddlesports.

We are can educate you, we can guide you, we can show you options, we can regale you with opinions, but we can’t make the decision for you. Our aim is to give you as much information as we can so you can make an informed decision.


Between all of us here at Paddlesports Megastore we have a wealth of knowledge. Collectively more than 60 years of kayaking experience – both as punters and sellers.

We have staff who have:

  • Paddled every type of water craft known to personkind
  • 20+ years of whitewater, canoe, & sea kayaking experience
  • 30+ years of recreational & surf ski experience
  • 30+ years of product development & retail experience
  • Paddled around the world
  • Weirdly encyclopedic knowledge of kayak parts & accessories
  • Participated in countless kayak events & races
  • Instructed others
  • Been to the factories and trade shows to get the knowledge and understand trends

At the end of the day our experience is your guarantee.

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