Hit the water and go kayaking or canoeing at these stunning locations.

1. Frankland River, Nornalup

The Frankland and Deep Rivers offer some spectacular paddling adventures in WA’s southern forest region.

You can paddle up the river to Monastery Landing through the Walpole Nornalup National Park for some truly breathtaking views.


2. Shark Bay

The many beautiful and sheltered lagoons and crystal clear waters throughout Shark Bay make this an ideal spot for sea kayaking & explore its Indigenous culture.


3. Ningaloo

There are now marked kayaking sites throughout the Ningaloo Marine Park. You can hitch your kayak to one of 10 moorings while you snorkel along the reef.


4. Denmark River and Wilson Inlet

Around Denmark you can cruise through the Wilson inlet or head up the Denmark River – both offer stunning sites to explore.

The tranquil Denmark River is lined with tall Karri trees while the inlet offers lots of secluded bays to paddle through and is ideal for bird watching.


5. Swan River, Perth

Setting out on the water from East Perth near Heirisson Island gives you the opportunity to head either towards South Perth for a view of the city or towards the Maylands foreshore where you can explore Claisebrook Cove.

Protected by Heirisson Island, the waters here are ideal for paddlers of all ages and skill levels.


6. Mandurah Estuary

The calm waters of the Mandurah Estuary make this area perfect for an easy paddle.

There are endless places to explore along the way with a variety of birdlife and even the chance to see dolphins.

Mandurah Estuary

7. Murray River, Ravenswood

Explore the Peel region from the water along the beautiful Murray River. Starting from Ravenswood you can hire a canoe or kayak then head towards either the ocean and the Peel Inlet where you’ll pass Murray Lakes, or follow the river’s twists and turns in the direction of Pinjarra.


8. Blackwood River, Bridgetown

Bridgetown is a great place to get onto the scenic Blackwood River.

The Blackwood winds its way around the historic town, which also has many great picnic spots close to the water.

The Blackwood River in Bridgetown is a tranquil place for a paddle

9. Warren River, Pemberton region

Glide down the pristine Warren River past towering karri trees in the ancient old-growth forests of the Warren National Park.

You’ll experience some of the South West’s most spectacular forest scenery.


10. Murray River, Dwellingup

Drive just an hour and a half south of Perth to enjoy a paddling experience among pristine Jarrah forest in Dwellingup.

There are a number of great places to paddle along the Murray River in Lane Poole Reserve.

Enjoy your new adventure!

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