Have you ever sat inside watching the dark clouds roll in as steadily as the cabin fever is creeping up on you? We certainly have which is why we couldn’t agree more with the words of Ranulph Fiennes, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

*Enter stage right* Palm Equipment winter clothing.
Designed in the cold grip of UK winter, Palm Equipment produce high quality neoprene, neoflex and wind and waterproof layers to keep you dry, warm and toasty on even the most frigid of winter mornings.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to swing passed and get yourself kitted up to brace the cold. After all, whether its white water, sea kayaking, fishing or simply out on the SUP fresh winter mornings truly are the most magical time to be out and about.

See our range here, or feel free to pop into any of our stores.


Womens Neoflex
Womens Blaze pants
Mens Blaze shorts

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