Aluminum Rivet Star – Blind 3 Arm Expansion with Sealant

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This rivet is the one to use. Install any fitting where no access to the underside of the deck is available. Super stong suits Handle and rod holders – Anything that might be exposed to any kind of force.

All aluminum, it is resistant to saltwater corrosion, and strong enough for most, if not all, applications. Most often used to install deck fittings and handles. It is recommended to use a silicone sealant between the deck and fitting applied to hole in the deck.

These rivets have a slit in the side of the sleeve so expand inside the kayak to make a Y shape rather than a round circular shape- This help prevent pull-through and locks the rivet in place securely preventing hole expansion due to movement and therefore leaking.

They have a coating near the head of the shaft to help seal the hole and shaft of the rivet,(we suggest supplementing with additional sealant in the hole). Some of the pictures used show an O-Ring. These pictures show an alternate version and are just to show how the expansion system works not the actual rivet which is as the main picture.

Rivet is 3cm long from the Tip to the Collar, Expansion will depend on the thickness of the materials being joined.

To Install a 3/16 Drill bit or Metric Equivalent drillbit and Rivetting tool are required.

To remove if parts need replacing either cut the top off the rivet or drill out the centre and push the remains through into the hull.

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