Kajak Sport Round Hatch Cover 24 Original

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  • The Kajak-Sport original series is the classic high end rubber hatch cover.

    100 % watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding “expedition” use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential. The cover is equipped with both inside and outside leash holders. Its material is extremely durable and long-lived. It is also fully UV-protected.

    These hatches come/came as standard on a wide range of kayaks as original equipment direct from the manufacturer.

    Note that there are now options in the construction of these hatches. Dual Density Hatches may make larger oval hatches more implosion proof or easier to put on and some models can be easier to put on the hatch rim

    If you have an original hatch in need of replacing and it is straight black then this is probably the preferred option. Rim nominal external diameter 256mm

    Product code 301710
    Weight 412 grams
    Width 270 mm
    Height 32 mm
Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks

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