Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps (Pair)

$89.95 inc. GST

A simple and unique safety device for paddle float rescuing from Kajak-Sport. The clamps are made to hold the paddle across the rear deck of a kayak when the capsized kayaker is doing a paddle float recovery.
The fully automatic locking feature and single hand opening mechanism is secure and extremely simple to use even with cold hands or gloves on. With the KS-self rescue clamps your normal paddle float rescue technique becomes a lot more reliable and quicker which increases safety in all weather conditions.

To use press the paddle shaft into the clamp openings. The automatic lock will close and hold your paddle in position. To open the clamp simply press the grey tab.

Sold as a pair

All the steel parts used are high Aisi 316 quality. Installation requires a flattish (level) section of your kayak.

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