Since 2012 Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. has designed and manufactured award winning packrafts, inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddle boards that are ruggedly designed to last and purposefully built for ultimate portability and packability. Kokopelli products are sold around the world to avid paddlers, campers, hikers, overland and van life enthusiasts, bikers, climbers, anglers and hunters with the purpose of simplifying and elevating the outdoor experience.
KOKOPELLI PACKRAFT WAS FOUNDED OUT OF A GARAGE in Denver, Colorado. Our vision is to create the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings. We set out to accomplish this by developing a line of high quality packrafts – through extensive research and development, and by listening to our customers wants and needs. Additionally, we serve as a resource for learning how to use your packraft, finding packrafting trips in your area, and learning about the equipment and techniques that will keep you safe out on the water.   OUR COMPANY was founded on the single principle of innovation. In the early years this meant we were solely focused on innovating our packrafts. As we expanded, this has grown into a focus of innovating the sport through three foundational pillars: Performance, Education, and Community. Performance represents the continual development of high end packrafts made out of cutting edge materials, with design and user experience as our primary focus. We seek to grow the sport responsibly through proper education and safety training through our own means, as well as with affiliated partners. Finally, we understand that packrafting is a special sport and every packrafter out there in the community shares a unique connection with one another through their passion for this incredible activity. We build relationships through opportunities paddling with our fellow packrafters, as well as engaging with our followers off the water; whether it’s joining together to help promote a good cause or grabbing a brew at the local pub.   INSPIRED We are inspired by all of the adventurers out there who take our products to the edge of the earth. We love sharing your stories and photos. Be sure to tag us @kokopelli so we're able to see them and maybe we'll share your story on our Instagram feed.