Palm Equipment Roanoke Deck (Skirt)

$259.00 inc. GST

For extended adventures by kayak‚ the right spraydeck is vital. Palm’s Roanoke provides the protection of a 3 dimensional reinforced neoprene deck with the breathability and durability of a 3 layer water proof breathable fabric waist tube with adjustable neoprene seal to wear lose or tight. Further equipped with elasticated deck lines‚ and a light waterproof XP 3-layer waist tunnel‚ braces, Drying clip the Roanoke has a durable reinforced rim for wear protection around the coaming‚ and is shaped for comfort even on long paddling trips. Great for warmer weather it will still weather the stormiest seas.


IMPORTANT – when measuring cockpit length and width – measurements are made from the outside of the rim. When looking at size charts please make sure you have external rim measurements of your kayak.

Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks
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