Surge Rod Holder- Deck Mount

$29.95 inc. GST

Surge’s Heavy Duty Rod Holder features a solid deck mount that can be mounted horizontally to the gunwales (or other vertical surface) or more traditionally vertically/ flat on a deck.

A Full length Rod Butt cage holds the rod in position and swivels upwards to allow easy rod release when desired without compromising security

The rod holder can be removed easily and tool free from the fitted deck mount for ease of transportation.

The Rod holder inserts securely into the deck mount and is secured using a bayonet style fitting. A slot in the deck mount’s openings  allows a key tab on the rod holder’s pin to pass and insert fully, a small turn of the rod holder once in prevents the holder from pulling out. The rod holder can be locked into any position (except 3:45 on a clock face) using the matching indexes on the mount and holder.

The angle of the rod Holder is adusted using a plastic stainless steel thumb screw and is indexed so the position will not slip even under load once secured.

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