Wilderness Systems Phase 3 AirPro Seat Back Spine

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This seat back spine  is  used as a replacement seat back spine for Wilderness Systems kayaks 2012 to date, or to convert some touring kayaks with a Back Band to a day touring style seat. 

Phase 3 AirPro outfitting is common in modern Wilderness Systems Tsunami kayaks 2012 to date. This kit fits Wilderness Systems Phase3 seat bottom structures with a cavity molded to accept the seat back base. The base of the Phase 3 Spine is 4 and 13/16 inches wide. The nipples on the sides of the spine base are about ½ inch in diameter, protruding about ½ inch. The nipples on the sides fit into holes in the seat base cavity on the rear of

Also available is the The Phase 3 AirPro Seat Back Kit

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