Dagger The Green Boat

$2,299.00 inc. GST

Dagger The Green Boat

Dagger’s White Water Racing Kayak- Named after and originally made for the Iconic Green River extreme race.

This is a great white water boat for the experienced paddler, With the length and volume, it also makes a great multi-day trip boat especially on voluminous rivers or steep creeks.

Perhaps watch the video below or youtube the green river race if you don’t know what kind of water we are talking about 🙂

Fast enough to win the competitive whitewater races in the world, with enough performance to navigate most waterways, the Green Boat has truly limitless potential. Stiff edges that offer the performance of a slalom kayak, with a narrow hull that carries speed while still giving stability and consistency, the Green Boat can run the steepest creeks, the highest volume rivers, and anything in between.

Available in colours other than Green!


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