Harken Gloves Reflex 3/4 Finger

$69.95 inc. GST

The Harken Reflex Glove is Harken’sr top of the line 3/4 finger glove. Responsive performance for active paddle handling.

With Black Magic® palm material providing superior grip especially when wet. These gloves have minimal stretch (even when wet), dry soft and flexible, and are long lasting and super durable.

They provide protection to your hand from both the paddle and the sun (and if you are paddling the Avon – Ti Trees & rocks).

Lighter weight breathable fabric between the fingers keeps them comfortable and you dexterous as well as helping keep your hands from getting to hot in summer

Durable nylon spandex with rubber guard strips on the back of the hand protects from sun, abrasion and impacts.

Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks
Deliveries to regional and remote take longer