Island Life: The Book of Penguin Island by Martin Chambers

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This is the only book about Penguin Island and the Shoalwater Islands marine park. It includes all the geology, history and wildlife of this unique area. If you have not paddled to penguin island it is well worth a trip with birdlife penguins and seals to see as well as being relatively accessible.

Martin is a keen paddler and also wrote the canoe and kayak guide to WA. He was a tour guide to penguin island amongst his many and varied jobs (which include quality control at brewery). This is written as a diary format with anecdotes about the day as well as information on the features you run across when you paddle to or visit Penguin island.


There is so much to know and this book covers it. Knowing about the history of the caves, where the birds come from (Siberia anyone) adds interest to your paddle and answers your questions.

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