Kayalu Track Mount Eye Bolt

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The Kayalu KLA-5072 Track Mount Eye enables a Kayalu “Secure-Attach” product (Kayalite, Kayacam, etc.) to be easily clipped to, mounted securely on, and detached from any standard kayak/canoe gear track.

The Track Mount Eye can be used on wide and narrow gear tracks. No additional components are needed for mounting a Kayalite on a wide gear track, one having a minimum width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm)

For narrow gear tracks, we’ve developed a do-it-yourself solution (further described below) that creates a durable and stable mounting platform under the Track Mount Eye, perfectly suited for the Kayalite base to mate with. The Kayalu Track Mount Eye is manufactured of premium marine-grade Type 304 stainless steel, compatible with all freshwater and saltwater applications.

A removable spacer included with the Track Mount Eye protects the track surface from scratches. The track nut included with the Track Mount Eye has a width of .47″ (12mm), compatible with all standard tracks.

Mounting a Kayalite on a Wide Gear Track

The Track Mount Eye can be used for mounting a Kayalite directly on top of any gear track having a track upper surface width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm)

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