Kayalu WaterTorch 360 White 27cm Mast Suction Cap

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The Kayalu WaterTorch® is a rugged bright white 2-LED waterproof (IPX8) deep water submersible light with two distinct functions.

As a deck light, the WaterTorch has the necessary intensity to illuminate maps, electronics and fishing gear, sprayskirt (for adjustments requiring illumination) and more.

When removed from its suction cup base by pulling the light from its friction cup, the WaterTorch can be grabbed and handheld to provide the paddler with ready access to a tethered submersible flashlight, dive light and marker light.

  • Waterproof (IPX8 rated), submersible to 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level. Unique patented double-gasket seal protects batteries, electronics and LED module from exposure to marine water, rainwater and humidity.
  • Rugged lens and light body construction, virtually crush-proof, capable of withstanding significant impact.
  • Operates for over 100 hours on a single set of 3 removable AA alkaline batteries (included). Includes a 2-LED module with LED life rated at over 10,000 hours.
  • White diffusion lens, manufactured of titanium-infused Lexan exclusively for Kayalu, provides optimal distribution of light emitted from WaterTorch’s LED module.
  • Industrial grade suction cup is manufactured of an elastopolymer (synthetic rubber) characterized by its exceptional resilience, durability and UV resistance. Vacuum seals to any non-porous surface. Rubber pull-up tab on cup provides means for quick release.
  • Height: Mounted in its suction cup, the WaterTorch is 10.75″ tall (27 cm).
  • Friction cup firmly grips light body while allowing for removal of the light as needed.
  • Long-length 18″ (46 cm) marine-grade, nylon-coated lanyard included, easily slipped over a wrist or slip-knotted to kayak deck rigging to prevent accidental loss of light or suction assembly.
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