Paddle Locator Finger Grip Indexer

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Paddle shaft locators are added to paddle shafts to index them so you can tell what angle the paddle is relative to your hands without looking at the blade or feeling it in the water. This is done securing the locator (using glue or tape) to the paddle shaft in line with the spine of your paddle in a position where your fingers will grip the shaft. The locator is then covered (usually) with heat shrink to secure it further and make it more comfortable to grip.

Using locators makes it easier to roll and brace and many (most) kayak paddles have some form of locators as standard.

These locators may index only one side (your key hand typically the right hand) or both sides (very common in white water or surf paddling but also used by recreational and others). Some people use two locators on top of each other two build up the size of the bump to make the indexing more obvious

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