Surge Deck Multi Fit Waist Neoprene (Skirt)

$169.00 inc. GST

The Surge Neoprene Spray Deck with a bungy rand has 3 sizes which means this deck will fit and seal on a wide variety of craft. This Basic Neoprene skirt is suitable for light whitewater, sea kayaking or simply cruising in your touring boat. The stretchy waist tunnel is adjustable, with velcro tabs to tighten it, offering a wide range of size flexibility from small (kids) to large users with a great seal and a comfortable fit.

Adjustable waist fits most.
Medium – For cockpits from 75 x 44 to 79cm x 48cm
Large – For Cockpits from 79 x 50cm to 83cm x 52cm
XL Extra Large – For Cockpits from   84cm x 51cm to 88cm x 54cm

IMPORTANT – when measuring cockpit length and width – measurements are made from the outside of the rim. When looking at size charts please make sure you have external rim measurements of your kayak.

Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks
Deliveries to regional and remote take longer