Well Nut Rubber M5 Single (for Blind Hole)

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Rubber Well Nuts are used to create a threaded insert into a kayak where you can’t access the inside to use a traditional nut.

A hole is drilled in the size of the rubber and the well nut is inserted into the hole with the flange on top stopping it from falling through. Then the item you want to secure (to the deck) e.g. a deck tab, saddle, D Ring etc. is placed on top of it and then a screw is threaded into the well nut and tightened. This causes the rubber to bulge out, stopping the well nut from pulling out and making a water tight secure seal.

This rubber and brass nut requires an M5 screw/bolt and as will all kayak screws should be made from G316 Stainless Steel to reduce corrosion.

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