Surf Ski Rudder Rear Assembly- Blade with Box and Mounting Plate (Spirit) 230mm

$139.00 inc. GST

Surf Ski Rudder Blade with mounting box and plate, commonly used on Spirit Surf Skis –  230mm

This is the factory Specced Trailing Rudder set up, as supplied by Spirit on many of their kayaks – the same rudder rear assembly was also used by Finn but with a different mounting (gudgeon) plate (This plate also available and if you have a finn it is easiest to buy this and a finn plate rather than buy the parts individually)

This rudder rear assembly screws straight into the mounting holes inset on the back of the CTR, PRS and other Spirit Skis

Much lighter than the metal rudder options – makes it easier to carry your ski as the back is not dragging in the ground and the blade pops up over rocks more quickly.

Also available with larger size rudder blade

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