Surge Ski Footrest Rails with Mounts

$59.00 inc. GST

This is a set of 2 rails and the mounting locking system for them. These are used to  mount the rudder controls/ foot rests to your ski. The rails allow the foot plate to be moved backwards and forwards to allow for various leg lengths of the paddlers. The adjustment using this system is quick, easy and tool free.

These rails are used by the Surge Drummer and Snapper Skis but equally suitable for many other brands.

Surge Surf/ Downwind Ski footrest rails are 2 rails are attached to your kayak ski used to mount an adjustable footrest plate into your ski. This set includes the mounting points for the footrest plate (that move up and down the rail) & locking pins to hold the plate in your desired position but not the actual footrest plate and associated pedals etc.

Foot Plates and other items are available as a combined kit or separately.



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