Deck Tab – Retractable Handle Fitting

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This Deck Tab is normally found either holding bungee cord or cord/string in place.

Commonly used to hold a toggle handle to the deck of a kayak or the shock cord over a sit on top’s rear well.

This part is used on some Mad River Perception & Wilderness Systems kayaks.

The Deck Tab is often fitted into a recess in your kayak’s deck and is is secured with a single, heavy duty, countersunk Phillips headed screw (included) into a threaded recess (or inset Nut).

This Deck Tab is commonly used to hold the string section of a toggle handle to the deck of a kayak (often with a shock or bungee cord section to make sure it is retracted when not in use). Other uses including holding cargo netting over a storage well on a sit on top kayak (e.g. current model Wilderness Systems Tarpon series)

The grooves or hooks will comfortably fit a 6mm cord (1/4 inch)

Great deals on sit on tops, and many sit in kayaks

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